Disability Claims

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Disability Claims


Many people have Short Term and Long Term Disability packages available to individuals through work or through a privately purchased insurance policy. Frequently following an accident, or injury, or illness you may not be able to work again for month or even years. Itיs time, when these benefits may provide you with income replacement.Short Term Disability provides an income for early part of a disability. A policy may pay benefits for two weeks up to 150 days.

Long Term Disability helps replace income for an extended period of time, usually ending after five years or when the disabled person turns 65, and comes into effect after Short Term Disability has ended.
However, many insured people are surprised by how difficult it can be to apply and collect  benefits. In many cases insurance companies deny these benefits, despite evidence from your physicians that you cannot work.
If you believe your Short Term or Long Term Disability benefits were wrongfully denied, you need a lawyer who can defend your rights.
At Slomyanski Law we can represent you in dispute with your insurance company and help you to get the benefits you need.  We will carefully examine your case and work that you obtain the full amount of insurance benefits you are entitled, for however long you will need to receive benefits.
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