Emotional Trauma

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Emotional Trauma


Emotional and Psychological Trauma make a person vulnerable and helpless in real life. An individual who suffers Psychological Trauma as a result of a Motor Vehicle Accident, or other accidents can suffer from flashbacks, dreams about the accident, anxiety, and feel permanently as though he or she is in danger. More than that, people often suffer from depression as a result of the accidents. The psychological problems also influence a person’s physical state. 

Such individuals may feel numbness in different parts of their bodies, and suffer from sleep disorders and suicidal thoughts.
Individuals who have suffered from an Emotional or Psychological Trauma as a result of the accidents need time in order to overcome the psychological pain and return to a feeling of safety in their lifes. The emotionally traumatized individual is not able to work, to care about him or herself or his or her family members. Such condition, resulting from an accident, can last from several weeks to several years, sometimes getting better and sometimes getting worse.
Emotional and Psychological Trauma needs to be treated properly from the first days after the Accident. It needs a sophisticated and complex treatment. The treatment has to take into consideration the individual characteristics of the injured person.
The compensation that you could receive from the insurance company in this case would be small and not enough to bring you to your full recovery. Only a timely referral to a professional lawyer experienced in Personal Injury Law will help you to receive the maximum possible compensation.
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